Is your coop smelling fowl?

Hard-working hens deserve to be happy and healthy. Adding common herbs to your nesting pads will soothe your birds, help fight disease, protect against pests, improve egg-health, and fight odors in your coop.

At OverEZ, we like to spoil our hens. So we put together a list of 5 reasons herbs in your nesting pads are beneficial to you and your chickens.

1. Stress Relief!

Chicken life can be stressful, too! Lavender can be used to keep your laying hens and other chickens calm and serene.

Lavender buds in nesting pads and boxes have been known to send a laying hen to sleep in the middle of laying! Hanging a few lavender bouquets in the coop, as well as mixing some buds into the bedding, will also be appreciated by your broody hens as they hatch and raise their chicks.

Lavender is perfectly safe for your chickens to eat, and is one of the best ways for them to experience the full spectrum of its benefits.

Simply sprinkle fresh or dried lavender buds/flowers in your nesting pads and your birds will thank you!

2. Essential Vitamin and Mineral Intake

Combine lavender with other herbs and you will have a fragrant and nutritional herb mixture for your nesting pads! Parsley, for example, contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, as well as iron, zinc, and magnesium.

Borage is high in calcium, beta carotenes, and niacin, making for healthy bones and strong eggshells. Combine equal parts lavender, parsley, and borage and simply sprinkle the mixture, fresh or dried, onto the nesting pads.

Next step: wait for the coos and clucks of happy hens.

3. Keeps Bugs and Bacteria at Bay!

Every hen deserves a clean and safe area to lay her eggs. Planting catmint outside your OverEZ chicken coop will benefit you and your birds by repelling biting insects.

Sprinkle fresh catmint flowers and leaves onto your nesting pads for an all-natural insect repellent.

Sage is anti-parasitic, a promoter of overall health, and is thought to combat Salmonella. Chamomile is known for killing mites, lice, and fleas, making it the perfect addition to this antibacterial, bug-busting brew.

Spread these herbs onto your nesting pads for the trifecta of all-natural insect repellent.

4. Improved Egg Health

Prepare to be dazzled by beautiful, bright orange egg yolks thanks to a flowering herb called calendula!

The fresh petals of these fiery orange flowers should be scattered around your nesting pads for easy pickings. Your hens will also benefit from marjoram, a laying stimulant, and antibacterial herb known for supporting reproductive health in chickens.

Disperse the fresh or dried leaves of the marjoram plant in your nesting box and expect a higher yield of eggs flaunting bright orange yolks!

5. Coop Cleaning Day Smells Like a Day at the Spa!

We love chickens, but they can be stinky. With aromas of fresh lavender, chamomile, and sage in the air, coop cleaning day just became an aromatherapy treatment instead of a chore.

Your feathery friends (and your nose) will thank you for using these fresh and/or dried herbs in your nesting pads and OverEZ chicken coops.

OverEZ Has What You Need

At OverEZ, we carry all the essentials for raising happy, healthy chickens. 

So, what the cluck are you waiting for?

Adorn your OverEZ chicken coop and nesting pads with fresh or dried herbs to enhance the health and happiness of your beloved birds.

Add the use of OverEZ’s chicken care and pamper products and you are guaranteed to have a herd of happy, healthy hens.