Do your chickens love to roam?

Give your chickens the freedom they deserve by installing wheels on your coops and runs.

The frequent relocation of your coops and runs will lead to many benefits for you and your birds. Portable chicken housing gives your chickens maximum freedom while also keeping them safe from predators. Take advantage of free and organic fertilizer, control your populations of ticks, flies, and termites, and enjoy tastier egg-yolks by installing wheels on your coops and runs.

At OverEZ, we believe in an EGG-ceptional quality of life for all chickens. Humans are important too, so, in this list, we included a cluck-load of benefits for both you and your birds.

Here are 5 un-EGG-pected advantages of having wheels on your chicken coops and runs!


1. Avoid Overgrazing

Leaving your chicken housing stationery for too long will lead to overgrazing, which results in an unsightly and potentially unsafe dead spot on your property. After the birds eat all of the grass in one area of your yard, you will be left with a barren patch of dirt or mud. In warmer climates, mud allows for the rapid growth of parasites and bacteria. In colder climates, mud can stick to the feet of your chickens and potentially lead to frostbite.

Routinely relocating your run with OverEZ chicken run wheels will prevent dead spots in your yard and provide you with free, organic fertilizer fresh from the bums of your birds.

2. Greater Egg Yield!

Roaming chickens benefit from a well-balanced, natural, and nutritious diet, which often results in richer yolks and more egg-laying. So get your frying pan ready because more yummy yolks are coming your way!

Did you know that grass alone can make up one-quarter of a chicken’s diet? So toss in access to worms, insects, and wild seeds, and your flock could be completely sustained by your yard/pasture if you rotate it often enough using a mobile run.

3. Safety from Unpredictable Weather

Bird owners living in flood-zones can receive peace of mind by having OverEZ chicken wheels installed on their runs. Your fragile, feathered friends are no match for inclement weather so let’s roll them out of harm's way using your chicken housing on wheels.

In the absence of inclement weather, you may decide to expand some structures on your property or take on a new yard project. With your OverEZ chicken coop wheels and OverEZ chicken run wheels, you can easily relocate your coop free and clear of your new projects. Rain or shine, wheels add to the overall safety of your flock.

4. Pest & Disease Control

Nervous about getting Lyme disease? Your hens can help! Chickens eat disease-carrying ticks, as well as flies, grasshoppers, and slugs. Frequent rotation of your mobile chicken housing makes for effective and organic pest control on your property. If you have a garden, keeping the population of grasshoppers, slugs, and other leaf-destroyers at a minimum is an added benefit of travelin’ chickens.

5. Happier Cleaning

Having a chicken run on wheels makes for less clucking from your chickens on cleaning day. Separating the run from the coop will allow you to clean both structures more easily.

The waste your birds produce naturally is full of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, making it an excellent, organic fertilizer for your yard, garden or pasture. If you rotate your flock every few days you should experience no build-up in waste, allowing for easy-breezy cleaning, if any at all. OverEZ coop and run wheels are a practical way to help chore day seem like less of a chore for both you and your birds.

OverEZ Has the Wheels You Need!

Quality coop and run wheels should have steel or titanium brackets and frames to avoid rust as well as wide tires to prevent rutting in your yard. At OverEZ, we carry high-quality chicken run and coop wheels to meet all of your travelin’ chickens’ needs! These wheels are made in America, sit on steel frames, and the thick rubber tires maneuver through tall grass without sinking into the ground.

Travelin’ hens are happy hens, so quit pecking around and put some wheels on your coop and run today!