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GMO FREE! CHEMICAL FREE! Chicken Layer Feed (19%) - Pellets


Do your chickens need to eat so you can eat some delicious eggs?

CHEMICAL FREE! Soy FREE! Wheat FREE! Fish & Crab FREE! GMO Free!

No overseas grains in our products.

No cheap protein fillers.

Flax is the main protein source.

Omega Fortified. Contains Oregano.

Contains Gut Care Yeast to help your chickens live healthier longer lives.

Cold Pelleted instead of standard pelleting for nutrient optimization. Pellets have less waste than Mash Every Bite Counts! Each pellet has nutrients built into it. Chickens tend to scratch through feed and only pick out what they want to eat, therefore pellets are an easy way to make sure your girls are getting properly fed.

DID YOU KNOW what your chickens eat affects you? We want to help bring you a healthier, fresher, brighter yolk egg each morning and give your chickens a nicer shine to their feathers!

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