OverEZ Chicken Run Wheels

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Chickens love to explore new territory.  The OverEZ Chicken Run Wheels allows you to move the Run to fresh ground with ease and give your poultry friends some exploration. (NOTE: Chicken Run Not Included)

NOTE: These run wheels are strictly for the OverEZ Chicken Runs, they will NOT work for the Rugged Ranch Runs

Product features

  • Set of 3 wheels adjustable to go up and down
  • Easy to install using our Step by Step guide
  • Fit 2 wheels on one end and steering wheel on the other end to maneuver Run easily
  • Allows you to move the Run separate from the Coop
  • Made in the USA
  • Still have questions? Call your OverEZ Chicken Coop experts at +1 (855) 333-3041

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