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OverEZ Chicken Coop Electrical Heat Package

Don't have Amish chickens...give them some POWER!

  • The electrical package can be used with any of the OverEZ Chicken Coops and other Chicken Coops.
  • Everything you need for quick and easy installation is included.
  • Just plug the components together and fasten to the walls and ceiling!
  • Still have questions? Call your OverEZ Chicken Coop experts at +1 (855) 333-3041

  • Package

    • Cords, wires, heat lamp, outlets, light switch and plut connectors
    • Zip ties and staples included for fastening to the coop

    Heat Lamp

    • 125 watt BR40 heat lamp


    • 15 amp 14-3 outdoor extension cord - 35 foot cord to connect to the power source


    • one light switch/outlet combo. 
    • one outlet


    • Fits any OverEZ Chicken Coop 



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