Never in my whole life would I have thought that I would find myself where I am now, in the country, starting a homestead with my French husband and my twelve-year-old daughter. Being a New Yorker had very much become my identity. Weekly visits to the Met and MoMA were part of my routine, along with runs around the Jackie Onassis Reservoir. My routine now, although drastically different, feels a lot more peaceful and good for my soul! I start my mornings by going to check on my plants and their progress, and then enjoy a cup of matcha in my EZ Greenhouse.

Woman Reading Gardening Magazine

I will always be a New Yorker; that part of me is at my core. As I sat this morning having my daily cup of matcha sitting in front of my greenhouse, I listened to Mozart's Symphony No. 14 while overlooking my modest backyard and dreaming up what will soon be my backyard homestead in the country. As I sipped on my matcha, I couldn't help but feel an inspiring thrill rush over me. And I thought to myself, this is what life is about: trying new things and getting back to your roots, growing your own food! I also recently got some baby chicks and the OverEZ Large Chicken Coop. Life feels more fulfilling than it has in a long time!

2 Girls Looking at Chickens In an OverEZ Chicken Run

As much as I loved New York City, things had become too routine-like and lost a bit of their magic. And I knew it was time to turn a new leaf. Moving to the country and starting a homestead is something my husband and I had talked about for a few years now. We finally decided to take the leap this past fall!

2 Girls Looking at Chickens in OverEZ Chicken Run

As a painter and artist back in NYC, I value living an inspiring life. New York no longer inspired me anymore. I find myself more inspired watching my chicks grow each day, getting bigger and bigger, knowing that one very exciting day they will lay their first eggs!

Young Chickens on Grass

I also find so much inspiration in planting seeds, watering them in the greenhouse, and watching them grow each day with the vision of what they will one day become. And most of all, I find inspiration as I see my backyard transform into something my family, my husband, my daughter, and myself have worked hard to build together. This is something I had never experienced before: to be able to look at my backyard and think, we built that! Everything you see is a result of our efforts together.

Plants Inside EZ Greenhouse

Starting a homestead in the country has been a very exciting journey with many learning experiences along the way! As a result of this journey, I feel closer to my family, closer to nature, and more in tune with myself. I can't wait to continue on this homesteading journey and see where it takes us!