Feeding your chickens can be fun, but we are the first to admit, it can also be a pain. Cleaning out gunky feed, trying to hang your feeder, slogging through the rain or snow to top the feeder off before you leave for work... the list goes on and on! We have been there too. Here at OverEZ, we have created a chicken feeder that can help solve your feeding woes.  

Read on to see the top five feeding problems we have encountered, and how our feeder solves them.

Chicken Feeding Problems

Problem #1:  What a Mess!

Tips to feeding your chicken problemsAs much as we love our girls, there is no denying that our feathered friends are not exactly tidy. When you leave a feeder on the ground, it is an open invitation for the birds to track the feed through the coop, leave droppings in the feeder, and encourage other pests to come get a snack.

OverEZ Solution to Messy Chicken Feeding Areas: 

Instead of inviting a rowdy chicken free-for-all, the OverEZ feeder is built with three feeding stations. The high lip prevents spillage during eating, and the covered back prevents the chickens from walking through and scattering the feed. The feeding station opening is wide enough for the chickens to reach their food, but also narrow enough to prevent any icky potty situations. 


Problem #2:  Never-Ending Scrubbing

Messy eaters make for a lot of cleaning up. Aside from sweeping up the feed tracked everywhere, it sometimes feels like you spend as much time emptying and cleaning out the clumpy, poop-filled feeder, as you do filling it! 

OverEZ Solution to Scrubbing Chicken Feeders:

The feeding station system prevents the poop and the yuck building up inside the feeder, so you can skip the daily cleanings. When you do need to clean things out (every 3 months or so), just remove the extra-wide lid, shake out any remaining feed, and wipe down with a damp cloth.  

Problem #3:  Every. Single. Day.

Most chicken feeders only have the capacity to hold enough feed for a couple of days (or even a single day) ensuring your daily trip to the coop to fill the feeder, even when it might be inconvenient. 

OverEZ Solution to Daily Chicken Feedings:

The OverEZ feeder has an incredible capacity--50 lbs! You can take that sack of feed and put the entire thing into the feeder at one time. That means you will only need to refill the feeder every 4-6 weeks for 3-5 chickens, 2-3 weeks for 6-11 chickens, and 1-2 weeks for 12 -15 chickens. 

Problem #4:  The Persistent Shin Bruise

Is it just us, or do you whack your shins on that hanging chicken feeder every time you crawl into the coop, too? For all the benefits that hanging your feeder can bring, it has its downsides too--running into it, the hassle of rigging the rope through the coop roof, and the constant struggle of trying to pour feed into something that swings.

OverEZ Solution to injuries when feeding chickens:

Our nifty feeding stations eliminate the problems that lead people to hang their feeder in the first place. With no opportunity to scatter the feed, poop in it, or empty the feeder out, you can place the feeder on the floor with no worries. If you need to adjust the height to fit your birds, just place it on some bricks or blocks.

Problem #5: Nobody Likes Soggy Food

There is nothing like realizing in the middle of a rainstorm that your outdoor chicken feeder is probably now full of water, or finding your feeder full of slushy half-frozen water when you have put the feeder and waterer inside the coop during the winter. Wet feed = wasted feed, and money.

OverEZ Solution to Soggy Chicken Food:

Because we wanted our feeder to work both inside and outside a coop, we added overhangs above the feeding stations to keep the feed dry. As an extra precaution, we built in hidden recessed channels along the openings to gather water and funnel it out.

If your birds are 12 weeks or older, give the OverEZ chicken feeder a try. Feeding the flock might just become your new (monthly) favorite thing. Find the full description and lots of photos of the OverEZ easy to use chicken feeders.

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